What is cPanel and its purpose?

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Published: 29th December 2010
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cPanel hosting is regarded as the best web hosting solution by many website owners. This is because cPanel is a automated point and click platform and is useful for all kinds of users as for example those who are beginners to those who are technically most advanced.
There are various purposes for which you should use cPanel and these are:

Powerful control panel which is easy to use: cPanel is widely popular because of its control panel. It is easy to use and intuitive also. Those who do not know anything about hosting will also be able to use the cPanel because of its advanced features.

User friendly features: There are excellent features of cPanel. With the help of these features you can manage your domain names, the FTP accounts,MySQL databases and so on. You can also upload the files with the file manager feature of the cPanel. Also there are other features with which you can do many things. However, before you choose the cPanel hosting make sure that you are using the complete version of it. Otherwise, you will not get all the features and the purpose of using the cPanel will not be served.

Site builder help: Another purpose for which you should use cPanelis that it comes with the site builder tools with which you can easily build your website. These site builders as for example RV SiteBuilder and SiteReptile are extremely helpful guide for the beginners as well as helpful tool for the advanced users.

Script auto-installers: In the control panel of the cPanel you would find various modules such as script auto installer like Fantastico De Luxe. With the help of this you can do various modifications in your website. This along with other script auto installers has mdae cpanel purposeful for the beginners as well as the medium and the advanced users.

Other advantages: There are other advantages of cPanel also, such as powerful full on interface, and excellent support service that is always available. There are help available in the form of video and audio tutorials and other online guide forms.

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